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We stock as well as special order a variety of products (see the ordering information section for details on ordering). Below you will find a list of products as well as some pointers for using our search engine. If you can not find the product you desire from the lines that we carry, contact us by your preferred method and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Feel free to use our database search engine to view our items currently in stock. Here are some tips on what paramaters you may be able to look for in your search (note the the engine is not case sensitive):

Brand: Lemaco, Lima, Roco, etc. (More Brands listed in Manufacturers and Catalog List link on home page)
Part Number: 913-247 etc.
Scale/guage: HO, N, Z, etc.
Color: Red, Green, etc.
Type: Car, Wagon, Locomotive, Book, Wheel, etc.
Wildcard: Use wildcards such as an asterisk to broaden your search. For example 91* should return a product with a number of 913-247 along with other items containing 91 in the beggining or Lema* shoud return Lemaco.

For your convenience below is a list of stock items sorted by scale:








( Limited quantities and many one of a kind.) HO-Scale A-LINE 29201            Windshield Wipers (short) $3.25 A.C.M.E. 50241        Bagagliaio posta Duz 93100 (brown) Carrello tipo 27 FS $68.82 ACCURAIL 3534            40′ steel AAR boxcar Atlantic Coast Line $12.98 5000            50′ AAR steel boxcar, undecorated $16.98 5600         …

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HOm-Scale   BEMO 2257          RhB Nlederbordwagen $35.00 2261          RhB Box Car $45.00 2262          RhB Kehrichtwagen $38.00 2263          RhB Nlederbordwagen $35.00 2270          RhB Bahndienstwagen Xbk 9089 $48.00 3261          RhB Personenwagen $50.00 3264          RhB Gepackwagen Green $48.00 3266          FO Personenwagen 2nd Class $55.00 3267          FO Personenwagen 2nd Class $55.00 3290          MOB Personenwagen 2nd. Class $50.00 4450          Flex …

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N-Scale ATLAS 2500       Flex track $4.50 ea. 2535       Rail joiners code 80 $3.50 2538       Plastic rail joiners code 80 $1.95 2539       Nickel Silver terminal joiners, code 80 $4.25 2540       Track Nails (used for HO & N) (approx. 2oz.,500 nails) $5.50 4411        RS-1 Amtrak $94.95 4504       EMD SD7 SP $109.90 4506       EMD SD7 Baltimore & Ohio …

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Om-Scale ALPINE LINE by ROCO Om flex track 39″ long                     $20.70 (Sold out) Om Fine Scale flex track 39″ long    $22.10 (Sold out)

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OO-Scale HORNBY R 206    “Chance and Hunt” open wagon $15.00 R 454    Mk.3a open coach “Hoverspeed” $24.00 PECO R-75S    Wonderful wagon kit $21.60

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